Chibi Hour is a small French e-shop located in the Hauts de France.

This small family-owned shop, run by two sisters passionate about creative hobbies, especially cross-stitch. Mélodie was the one who initially opened Chibi Stitches in 2013, which later became Chibi Hour in 2022.

Melanie, who has been stitching since the age of 14, loves creating her own patterns and offers them under the name Chibi à Croquer since 2014. She joined Mélodie, who also designs her own cross-stitch patterns under the name Cutie Ink since 2018.

This shop immerses you in various universes, sometimes Kawaii, sometimes Gothic or Steampunk. Melanie and Mélodie's creations are made with a lot of heart, from drawing to hand-coloring, to the cross-stitch pattern.

For several years, this shop has been working in partnership with the English embroidery fabric store "SEW IT ALL." Melanie and Mélodie also work on their own embroidery fabric designs with this English company.

Sice 2022, the two sisters have been offering boxes that take you into a magical world based on Wiccan celebrations. The magical and witchcraft theme is a new addition to the e-shop. Melanie conducts extensive research on this theme to offer you unique and high-quality boxes (the designs, patterns, and fabrics are 100% created by Melanie).

Chibi Hour also offers various accessories related to embroidery (ballpoint needles, q-snaps, needle magnets, embroidery threads, etc.).

Recently, the two sisters have expanded the boutique's catalog with Scrapbooking and Mixed Media items.

We wish you a pleasant visit to a unique universe, filled with cuteness intertwined with gears and ghosts, all accompanied by enchanting witches who will bewitch your cross-stitch fabrics.